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Clients! If you are thinking of selling this spring into summer, now is a great time to get prepared as well as get your home on the market. Interest rates are up a bit over two years ago, but right now they have drifted down before the spring rush.  Mortgage rates are pegged to the ten year Treasury bond, not the Federal Reserve Committee’s funds rate bump up. They float and, good news is, they

Holiday Greetings!

Posted by Len Beckman on  December 30, 2018
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Clients, family and friends! I hope your Christmas was Cheery! … and Hannukah Happy, Mawlid an-Nabi Magnificent, Kwanzaa Krazy-fun, et al.!  We are a blessed nation. I am thankful we have more that unites than divides us, and I would like to thank those who serve us selflessly such as our firemen, police personnel, and the many military at home or deployed, etc.  Can’t forget to wish you all a Happy New Years!   2019, already?
Free money is always an alluring thing; and it takes a while to believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  And have you ever heard the phrase: “We’re gonna be in your neighborhood helping your neighbors get free (or inexpensive) energy efficient improvements.  Can we come by and give you an estimate?” There are two popular programs that people use to add and upgrade to their home: The HERO Program is
A client recently asked when he and his wife should use his one time $125,000 over age 55 capital gains tax protection; they were approaching their mid 50s. To his surprise, I told him since 1996, you can keep the first $500,000 in real property “lottery winnings” when you sell your home, and do this every two years.  I googled and found that you can get 1990 (older) articles still talking about this outdated information on capital gains!
Everyone older than 18 should have a trust.   Aretha Franklin, what a voice…but she died, sadly, intestate, a fancy word for no will or trust. When this happens, the state is forced to make decisions for you.  And, as the sample Living Will (below) proves, we don’t always understand what these legal terms mean. There is no doubt in this real estate dad of 11’s mind, it is important.  You don’t want arbitrary bureaucrats, even

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