Holiday Greetings!

Clients, family and friends!

I hope your Christmas was Cheery! … and Hannukah Happy, Mawlid an-Nabi Magnificent, Kwanzaa Krazy-fun, et al.!  We are a blessed nation. I am thankful we have more that unites than divides us, and I would like to thank those who serve us selflessly such as our firemen, police personnel, and the many military at home or deployed, etc. 

Can’t forget to wish you all a Happy New Years!   2019, already?

The New Year has always been a time of resolutions and taking time to think about personal goals for yourself and for your family. It can be a perfect time to talk about your housing goals!

If you are thinking of selling this coming year, we are happy to give you a values “check up”! Preparing now, even if you want to wait to spring, is a good thing.  But warning! No one knows how high the interest rates can go and if the demand slack off will continue into spring.  Murky crystal ball…

Whether you own or someday will buy, it is wise to have a basic understanding of the market, both housing and financial.  Properties are staying unsold longer currently, due in part to the interest rate rise, pricing levels and other factors. However, loan limits are also up which is a blessing for many here living in SoCal’s housing market.

We at Millennium 3 are ready to help!  If you are thinking 2019 is time to sell, now is the time to prepare and get accurate data on your home and the market.  And buyers, time to get pre-approved!  After all, we still make house calls.  Your “condition” is always different than the Jones or Smiths next door: ASK.  Your tax accountant is your confessor; I’m your house doctor.

Happy Holidays and Blessed New Years,
Len Beckman

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