Time to Sell?

Clients! If you are thinking of selling this spring into summer, now is a great time to get prepared as well as get your home on the market.

Interest rates are up a bit over two years ago, but right now they have drifted down before the spring rush.  Mortgage rates are pegged to the ten year Treasury bond, not the Federal Reserve Committee’s funds rate bump up.

Person Giving Keys on Man

They float and, good news is, they have come down for a time into the mid 4’s for a 30 year mortgage.

Another thing to consider, you don’t want to do a ‘fire’ sale if you want to get the most you can for your home.  Property values are somewhat softer with affordability and demand down, and chances are, your home will remain on the market longer.  Thus, starting now IS the wise move.

Best test for the market is the simplest: notice the open house signs on Saturdays and Sundays?  In a booming sellers’ market, few open houses are happening. This ended about six months ago.

On any given weekend today the signs are out. In full force.

Your buyer can come from across the street, across the country, even from other lands.  Most importantly, we aggressively market your home, professionally and with hustle.

But, this IS where we excel: when there is more property on the market than last year, we just turn up the afterburners!

We serve from Ventura County to San Diego, in residential AND commercial, investment, residential income properties.  Happy to answer questions. We have good experience with court-involved property sales as well, including probate and trust.

Our listings are available on over 80 listing sites, the multiple listing service is the engine and we are not troubled about doing open houses.

I have been helping homesellers and buyers since 1988; I am ready to help you get your home sold.  Same with our buyers: we work hard to find the right property for you!

Len Beckman 
Broker/Owner of Millennium 3 Real Estate

(714) 267-1413 .   Yes, we STILL make house calls.

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